Aeiou FDA approved Black Color Menstrual Cup

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Brand : Aeiou

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Brand name: Aeiou
Capacity: S- 20ml, L- 25ml
S: For Women who haven’t given birth and are less than 25 Years old.
L: For Women who have given birth vaginally and are more than 25 years old.
Protection: 12 hours
Shelf Life: 5-10 Years
Color: Purple
Package Included:
1* Menstrual Cup
1* Cotton Bag
1* Box
1*User Manual
Material Origin:U.S.A
Manufacture: China
Ordinary Finger-In, Low-Mid, Multi-Menstrual Cup
The menstrual cup fits tightly to the vagina, forming a vacuum. Menstrual blood can only flow into the cup, no matter how big the movement is, you are not afraid to leak.
Principle of menstrual cup: collect menstrual blood instead of absorbing menstrual blood. After being inserted, the menstrual cup is poured in, using physical principles. The internal pressure of the air is increased so that the menstrual cup does not shift and the surface leaks. Made of medical silicone material, it is healthy, sanitary, environmentally friendly, safe, economical, not easy to cause allergies, and quite breathable.
How long can you endure the pain of sanitary napkins?
Awkward side leakage? Odor? Can’t play with water? Foreign body sensation? Sultry? bacterial?
Swimming, sports, running, traveling, sleeping, shopping.
Advantages of menstrual cup:
Refreshing and breathable: keep the body clean and dry, especially in summer, there is no heavy stuffiness, and you will not even feel the presence of a menstrual cup
No odor: Menstrual blood is in contact with bacteria in the air, and it is easy to undergo chemical reactions.
Environmental protection and money-saving: The menstrual cup uses medical technology liquid silicone, one can be used for 5 years
Gentle companion: only need to clean once every 12 hours, more convenient for business trips, outings and climbing
Freedom of movement: Do the exercise you want to do during your period, and get rid of the shackles of sanitary napkins
Swim in the water: visit the charming beach anytime in summer, and enjoy a romantic hot spring in winter
Sleep with peace of mind: Never worry about soiling the sheets, sleep as you want
Is there a foreign body sensation?
No menstrual cup is placed in the vagina, there is a loose space in the vagina, there are many folds in the vaginal wall, the flesh is very elastic, and there is almost no sensory nerves in it.
Our menstrual cups are soft, and even a slight foreign body sensation will quickly adapt.
Will it leak?
After the menstrual cup is completely unfolded in the vagina, the back and the vaginal wall are closely fitted to form a vacuum state. Menstrual blood will not flow out, but can only flow into the menstrual cup. It will not leak no matter how you move it. Swimming, climbing, running.
How often does my menstrual blood flow?
A large amount is discharged every 3 days, and a small amount is discharged every 12 hours.
How long can I use it?
It can be used for 10 years. Under normal circumstances, the silicone material does not undergo qualitative changes for 10-20 years, but because the menstrual cup is a private article. It is recommended to replace it with a new one within 5 years.
What to do if there is a blood clot?
Small blood clots can be taken without a problem. Large blood clots can be squeezed a few more times. The blood clots can be crushed. It can be taken out. In case of clogging, you can take out the body and drain the menstrual blood like a non-menstrual cup. Go back.

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Aeiou FDA approved Black Color Menstrual Cup
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