Custom New Arrival Viva Cup

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Custom New Arrival viva Menstrual cup is made of high-quality medical-grade silicone that is widely applied in medical care products such
as infant nipples, catheters etc. Since it is toxic-free of dioxin or allergic materials .safe to use and liberalize you from those special days every month .lifespan of this product up to 15 years.
Custom New Arrival viva Menstrual cup can collect blood, can make blood completely cut off from the air,
eliminate bacteria occur through the air, to prevent bad breath, itchy skin allergy and prevent

disease of the department of gynaecology, let you experience the dry and pure and fresh unprecedented.

  •  Menstrual cup disinfection before using
  • Comfort, easy to use,save a lot of money.
  • Material is medical grade silicone, and is very soft and comfortable.
  • White ball in the valve is made of marble stone which is clean.
  • No need to take out and change. Straight discharge. Convenient.
  • Very helpful especially for public toilet user and traveller.
  • Can wear it to sports and swim.
  • A cup can last for years to save a lot of money.
  • Air hole: no need air hole.
  • Packing:menstrual cup+cloth bag+gift box
  • Have a patentutility model and appearanc
  • Size:1#and 2#
  • 1#Diameter :33mm,Length:80mm,Max Volume:28ml
  • 2#Diameter :36mm,Length:82.5mm,Max Volume:30ml

New style, use until the menstrual is don’t need take it out,until the menstrual is over,it is very safe and easy to use.


Set 1 : 1 piece menstrual cup + 1 piece cleaning brush +1 piece Instructions + 1 piece cloth bag

Set 2 : 2 piece menstrual cup + 1 piece cleaning brush +1 piece Instructions + 1 piece cloth bag


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Custom New Arrival Viva Cup
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